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A digital marketing agency from UAE with experience in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and TikTok Ads.
We have vast experience in buying and selling RTB advertising, mobile promotion, and software development intended to automate marketing tasks.
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Advertising with Google Ads

Our team has extensive experience in running successful advertising campaigns with Google Ads.

We will analyze your Google Ads potential and provide you with a detailed forecast of the sales opportunities with Google Ads that are available for your company.

We will take into account your previous data and model a precise marketing plan for your target markets.

We will run ads for your product on all major Google platforms:
Managing your advertising in Google Ads will include the following:
Developing a promotion strategy in Google Ads
Thorough keyword research
Creating and testing
Selecting and adapting rate strategies
Tracking and modeling conversions
Reporting preparation
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Advertising with
Facebook Ads

We provide a full range of services related to digital social media marketing, from advertising creatives to optimizing advertising campaigns.

We are prepared to take over your Facebook Ads marketing campaigns, increase your conversion rate, and improve your ROI.

We help businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprise-level companies, achieve their Facebook advertising goals.

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How Facebook advertising works

Using the Facebook social media platform is a great way to attain your business goals.

Facebook marketing can be used for many purposes, from promoting services and products to raising awareness of a cause or event. Facebook lets you create ads that target specific audiences based on age group, location, interests, and more.

Why working with an agency is preferable

Facebook advertising allows you to reach a large number of social media users within just a few days; however, it's important to have a well-designed campaign because your ad's ROI depends on your entire marketing funnel.

As an agency, we have extensive experience in the field of Facebook advertising campaigns, from writing conversion-focused copy and creating unique offers to analyzing data from advertising accounts, which allows you to turn your advertising budget into quality leads.

Think of a Facebook advertising agency as a turnkey system for scaling your business without hiring and managing a bunch of employees.

You should contact us if:
You are too busy to do Facebook advertising on your own.
You lack the required experience.
You do not have the necessary tools to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
You do not wish to squander your marketing budget.
You want to gain an edge over your competitors.
Advertising on Facebook is an effective marketing tool that can double or triple your income, but it takes the help of professionals to get the most out of it.
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Advertising with TikTok Ads

TikTok is currently the most downloaded social media app in history. The new social media platform is the best way to reach the millions of people aged 16 to 34 who make up over 77% of TikTok's user base.

Every day, more and more people are choosing to use TikTok. The platform has already become extremely popular all around the world, allowing brands to tap into and interact with a large, diverse, high-value young audience like never before.

What we offer
Our team members are experts in TikTok advertising and will oversee all aspects of your ad campaign, including account management, ad creation, and targeting.
We partner with talent who will create video content for TikTok to drive TikTok users to your products.
Our analysts will track your campaign performance to help you figure out what new features are available and how to use them.
Buying and selling advertising using RTB technology
Real-time bidding (RTB) is a technology for buying online advertising at online auctions when decisions are made on hundreds of auctions in thousandths of a second.

The RTB system buys the right placement at the right time—when the price per display meets the advertiser's requirements.

RTB allows to increase reach and minimize CPM

Benefits of RTB advertising including:
Auction principle of advertising placement.
Depending on the sales stage, the audience receives relevant messages from the advertiser.
Contact and conversion will cost less.
Cross-platform data is used to optimize advertising materials in real time on all communication channels at once.
Only high-quality target audience.
What we offer

We collaborate with the largest platforms that buy advertising on online exchanges for the benefit of advertisers, as well as those platforms that sell advertising space for publishers in online auctions.

We will help you optimize both buying and selling advertising using RTB technology.

Mobile Marketing
Our agency realizes the importance of being mobile and has experience working with brands.

We derive the most out of mobile devices.

Mobile-first is not just a buzzword but the present and the future of digital communications.

We use all of our experience to reach your target customers at the time they are most likely to be interested.

Our approach:
We tailor campaigns to increase brand value.
We develop a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy that enhances awareness and increases conversion.
We use a multi-channel approach to prepare a mobile marketing strategy for your target audience.
How we work:
We provide measurable growth.
We use mobile data to track conversions, traffic quality and quantity, page views, and bounce rates.
We create mobile-optimized landing pages with clear calls to action.
We use platforms that only charge when mobile ads result in a store visit.
Advantages of working with us:
Our mobile marketing services will help you stand out from the competition and cut down on the noise to reach your target audience.
Our mobile marketing agency is always at the forefront of trends and technologies and uses analytics reports, data, and software to target audiences.
We offer consistent and effective strategies and tailor each mobile marketing campaign to drive action and build momentum.
We offer fresh ideas and perspectives and are well-equipped for major consumer-facing marketing campaigns.
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SMS Advertising
We provide a full range of SMS marketing services.
Using SMS advertisements will help your business solve problems such as increasing repeat sales, average check amounts, audience loyalty, and brand awareness.
How SMS-mailing is used:
Advertising goods and services
Sending information about promotions and discounts to
Automating sales and marketing departments
Sending an SMS based on the status of a deal or an order
Speeding up communication
Increasing the number of clients you interact with
Benefits of SMS advertising:
It has a high level of engagement.
It allows you to reach a global audience.
It broadens your opportunities for local business.
It allows you to set up and launch advertising campaigns quickly.
It works effectively in tandem with other channels.
Our services include:
Primary analytics
Strategy development
Target audience segmentation
Development of interaction scenarios
Setting up SMS-mailing
Monitoring effectiveness
Campaign optimization
Recommendations and reports
Managing Ad Campaigns and Promoting
Your Products on Amazon
Even with a huge budget for Amazon ad campaigns, you can end up with little or no sales if you are not assisted by highly experienced marketing consultants.
Even with a huge budget for Amazon ad campaigns, you can end up with little or no sales if you are not assisted by highly experienced marketing consultants.
You may encounter the following key challenges:
Too many advertising opportunities to choose from.
You have a lot of ad campaigns, but their ROI is negative.
Low ad visibility
No keyword impressions
Ad scaling problems.
This is where we can step in
We will analyze the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and provide recommendations on how to optimize them.
We will develop a customized promotion strategy for each group of products.
We will optimize your listings for maximum conversion.
To increase organic sales, we will determine the most relevant keywords.
Here are the benefits of our services:
Here are the benefits of our services:
Keyword collection and analysis
Competitor analysis
Customized strategy development
SEO optimization of listings
Automatic and manual launching of ad campaigns
Creation of promotional campaigns (pricing, discounts, coupons, promo codes)
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Warm lead processing services for Affiliate CPA Networks.
Confirmation of orders and requests.
Confirming orders and requests is an important part of customer service, especially for online stores that operate without prepayment. After making a request or an order on the website and receiving no response, a customer may eventually change their mind or decide that their information did not reach the seller.
Avoid wasting employees’ time and effort on "empty" orders
Make a more attractive offer to the customer
Save money on shipping goods that are definitely not going to be paid for
Improve your company’s image in the mind of your customer.
Make additional sales of related goods and services
However, managers often do not have time to provide feedback to the buyer when processing a continuous flow of orders. Many requests are left unanswered, and goods are returned, which brings losses to the seller.
However, managers often do not have time to provide feedback to the buyer when processing a continuous flow of orders. Many requests are left unanswered, and goods are returned, which brings losses to the seller.
We can help you with processing warm leads!
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Our benefits
Confirmation of requests 24/7
Calls related to any issues, no matter how complex they are
Full monitoring of the operator's performance
Recording of each conversation
Our operators are motivated to make additional sales
Flexible charging system
When partnering with us, your company will
Save time and money on establishing its own call center
Reduce the percentage of returned and non-purchased orders
Get additional sales
Free up time for key employees
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Developing software for automation of marketing tasks
To run successful advertising campaigns, you need to not only cover multiple marketing channels with relevant content but also properly analyze performance and think several steps ahead with the help of relevant analytics.

Our team has accumulated vast experience in developing marketing solutions.

We can offer you end-to-end marketing solution integrations that will surely increase the response time of your customers, leading to deeper user engagement.

Thanks to this, you can count on increases in ROI and customer lifetime value.

What we offer
Developing marketing automation solutions tailored to your needs from scratch
Refinement and modernization of your existing software
Integration of ready-made solutions
100% confidentiality guarantee and NDA compliance
First-class technical support and regular updates
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About us
We are a full-service digital marketing agency that will work as your strategic partner.

Whether you need a one-time project or a partner agency, you will get an expert team of ad buyers from the largest advertising networks, mobile marketers, developers, and analysts who will collaborate, innovate, and push the boundaries to achieve the desired results.

We believe that our competitive advantage is the quality of our team. As we grow, we make every effort to hire and develop the very best people who strive for continuous innovation and maximum customer focus.

Our company was created by Mr. Chalum Choojit, the founder of the digital marketing agency that has been successfully working with clients around the world for over six years.

Mr. Chalum Choojit has many years of experience in building effective business processes in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing.

His professionalism allows us to provide a quality service that makes our customers happy.

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